Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Creative Bloggers Wanted

Creative Team Call

We are currently searching for three Creative Team Members who love to blog {and do so regularly} and are always looking for new, fun, and fresh blogs to review. If you feel you have a niche for blogging and finding other awesome blogs to share, then consider joining our team.

As a creative team member, you will be required to:

• Post a featured blog once a week. {Everyone will get a specific day}
• Blog and/or Facebook about new features linking back to
• Submit at least 3 blogs a week to the FF {future featured) file. (just submitting the links to me, not actually blogging them all}

Being a team member requires some blog hopping and jumping around. We are not submitting our girlfriends' and grandmothers' blogs, although I am sure they are all great! We are looking specifically for blogs that are:

• well organized and can easily be navigated through
• visually pleasing to look at and make you say,
"OMG! How cute!?" or "I LOVE this!"
• The content must be savvy and current

We're not looking necessarily for the "how to" blog, just ones that give amazing tips or info and look good doing it. We are looking for blogs that make you want to do a mass forward to your girlfriends to say, "Seriously, check this out!".

A couple of my favorites that I think fall in to this category and are noteworthy are: & Look them over and review the blogs on to get an idea of what you are looking for.

What do Creative Team Members get:
• A special feature spot on
• A 150 x 150 ad spot or grab button on the blog for as long as you are a team member
• Your lovely mug shot featured on the blog as long as you are a team member
• A link to your blog from
• The opportunity to show off your blogging skills

To apply for our Creative Team, please send the following information to:
• Name
• A link to your Blog
• A link to your website {if you have one}
• A link to three of your best and/or favorite posts
• Explain why you would be a great CT member and why you want to become one

The deadline for CTM submissions is August 11th.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Did you notice the new look? It is inspired by a new attitude and a new team that is currently being formed to bring you more amazing blogs more frequently. If you are interested in joining the team or want more information about what's happening, stay tuned! I will be rolling out the details later today.

If you want this awesome header, go here.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ann Again....And Again

Have you joined a "virtual girls night out"? Me neither! But, we can at Ann Again....And Again's blog! I seriously love this idea. I especially love the fact that there are other mommies out there that do not like to leave their kiddos with just anyone to get a night out. I love going out with my girlfriends on occasion when my husband can be with the kids, but I love my online girlfriends too and don't want to miss the chance to "hang out" with them!

Ann even gives us yummy recipes for cocktails to ingest while enjoying our virtual girl's night out. If that isn't enough, she offers up neat little giveaways! Now, who can beat all that? A place to hang out, cocktails, and free stuff...I'm in! See you all Friday!

Check her out!

A Transatlantic Wedding

I had this site saved in my FF file {future features} and thought it would be appropriate this week to post it as it will be my 4th wedding anniversary! I remember like it was yesterday how it felt to plan my wedding, and boy I wish I had documented it like Phyllis does in her blog! I still have my binder, but this blog is a perfect way to research, brainstorm, and play with ideas for a beautiful wedding. I love all the idea boards she has posted throughout. She posted video of how to create table decor, pictures of dresses {including price} and shoes, and wonderful posts about her and her partner. I love this idea! What a wonderful way to tell the story of your wedding.

Check her out!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kevin & Amanda

If you haven't stumbled across this blog yet, you are really missing out on something yummy! It is like enduling yourself in a delicious dessert! Amanda is a super tallented and amazing little developer. She takes beautiful photographs, provides us with mouth-watering recipes, gives away free super-cool fonts to use on your own blogs, is a fantastic blogger, and can design a blog like nobody's business! Not to mention, she gives away freebies all the time and has nice little goodies to giveaway from other amazing sites! I have had the pleasure of emailing her recently for some tech advise on making my blog background. What a super helpful sweetheart she was! I love, love, love this blog and hope to one day be this good at multitasking!!

Seriously, check out this blog. You will be so happy you did!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Knock Knocking

Knock Knocking sent me a little comment on our sister site, so naturally I followed. OMG! How happy I was! The blog is delightful and full of color. This header makes me want to cry, because it is to beautiful and the sentiment is endearing. I can definately get some inpiration here with all of the attractive and colorful pictures displayed throughout. That's my favorite thing about it!

The Craft Begins

This blog is spectacular! I could pour over it for hours and never get bored. I love the way she has it layed out to house her many different endeavors. It looks like she has her hands in a variety of things like me, but her organization here takes the cake! I especially love her inspiration boards and before and after section! I have so many trash to treasure items I am dying to get my hands on. This is definately a fun way to feature them! There is something for everyone here, but I like it all! There are floral inpirations, kitchen voodoo {again, you can't lose there!}, event planning, photography, and so much more.

I am selfishly posting this blog for my benefit, but perhaps if you are reading this you will like it too! ;)

Keepin' up with the Jones'

I adore Miss Kim's blog! She is a fantastic designer and obviously oozing with creativity! I am seriously jealous of her blog layout and banner skills! I am practicing!

Perhaps one day I will upgrade my Photoshop and invest in some digital scrapbooking supplies. This blog really lights that fire! =)

Check her out!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Her Southern Charm

This blog is freaking adorable! Being a southern girl myself, I can't help but giggle at all the little tags posted all over this well thought-out and beautifully designed blog! My favorite tag is "some old gossip, ya'll"! HA! I think I may have to borrow this title for my own blog! Too, too cute! I love the southern feel, the references to "homemakers", and the posts are sharp and sweet.

Check it out!

Little Bit Funky

Isn't this gorgeous!? I love this pillow from Little Bit Funky! The colors are vibrant and beautiful and the fabric design makes my mouth water! Oh how I love these prints and the sentiment is perfect!

Little Bit Funky is a fabulous little blog! I adore the "10 Things I am thankful for today" posts and will have to borrow this idea for my own family blog. =) I am impressed with the style of the blog and it's flow. I like how the authos, Crystal speaks of her family life, talks about her beautiful treasures that she designs and sews and I adore the food posts! Yumm-O! I can dig any blog that serves up yummy treats and photographs them! That is my kind of fun! =)
{Of course I am still wearing my "mommy body" from pregnancies and nursing so a little treat really entices me these days and really shouldn't! =) } Her gorgeous designs are inspiring little pieces of artwork.

Beautiful blog, Crystal and beautiful life!

Check her out!

Oh the pressure!

So I was all excited to get started posting and posting after finally getting the blog setup. I had gobs of blogs to chose from, but determining who would be featured first was a super tough choice! Oh the pressure! There are too many amazing ones to do just one, so I will have to post a few. =)

"A Blog to Behold" is born

I love blogging. I think I might have a slight addiction to crafty, inspiring, mommy driven, every day fun, fabulous blogs. I like a beautiful, well-designed, and clean looking blog that pours the authors heart out and gives me insight to beautiful things I may or may not have seen before. I love getting inspiration from others on how they decorate, bake, sew, scrapbook and craft, but am totally not limited to just these things!

I have stumbled upon some amazing and totally fabulous blogs lately and thought I would feature the ones I can't get enough of...the ones that keep me coming back for more fabulousness. This is mostly a selfish way for me to dedicate an entire place to my favorites and to document what I might like most about them. SO sad, but I am a lover of all things organized and this makes total sense to me.

I am glad you are here. Welcome and enjoy! If you have a fabulous blog or know of one I should see, let me know! You can email at

About Me

I am a mommy of two amazingly beautiful kids {a boy and a girl} and wife to the most incredible man I have ever met. I am a proud stay-at-home mommy and try to document every moment; beautiful or not-so, because it goes to fast. I want my kids to have as many wonderful memories as possible. When they can't remember, Mommy is packing backups. We have the blogs, scrapbooks, and gagillions of pictures that will hopefully spark something. I am a true mamaratzi (my word for crazy-flashing-in-your-face-mommy-photographer) and take pictures of everything! I craft, I bake, I write, I do it all and have fun doing it.

Welcome to "A Blog to Behold"

A place where creative and fabulous blogs that truly stand out and merit a little extra recognition are featured.